Opening the Doors to the Catholic Faith

RCIA deepens relationships with Jesus Christ and understanding of the Catholic Church, its teachings, and living a Christian life.


What brought you to become catholic?

why would you invite someone to rcia?

What to Expect

RCIA process is comprised of four phases with each phase focused on coming to know the Lord more deeply. The person seeking to join the Church is introduced to beliefs, life, liturgy and ministry in the Catholic community.

Period of Purification and Enlightenment

Participants join the St. Ann faith community in interior reflection and examination of conscience in preparation for the celebration of the sacraments at Easter.

Period of Mystagogy

Participants become more fully integrated into the faith community and deepen their Christian experience through further spiritual and communal growth.

Period of Inquiry

Participants receive both spiritual and doctrinal preparation in an effort to experience and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Period of Catechumenate

Participants are given guidance and formation aimed at assisting them in living the Christian life more fully.