Our Vision

St. Ann Catholic Parish brings people to Jesus, forms disciples, and sends them to transform the world.


Our Values


Grace-Filled Humility

We are all the hungry, broken, and empty. We minister to each other out of God’s mercy to us.


Boundless Mission

We believe in extraordinary invitation. We are all made for heaven and will go to great lengths to bring our friends, family, and neighbors with us to the banquet table.


Holy Boldness

God has huge dreams and we honor Him by asking for things that only He can deliver. We will not settle for small thinking and the status quo.

Authentic Vulnerability

We see the human heart beneath the surface. We courageously invite each other into the depths because that is where God moves.

Abundant Hospitality

We believe it is truly better to give than to receive. God is generous with us and we want to be generous with all.

Empowering Leaders

For big dreams to happen, we need the creativity and investment of every member of our community. We don’t simply recruit volunteers; we raise up leaders who transform the world.

Glory to Glory

In everything that we do, we proclaim that our God is alive in us. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

Our Brand