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Equipped is a ministry that serves to support and encourage new mothers in the DFW area, bring them into community with others, and equip them with God’s wisdom as revealed through scripture and the Catholic Church. It runs as a seven week long series where these mamas join together for breakfast, fellowship, and to talk through some of the hot button topics that many new mothers need to hear.

The Equipped program runs 3 times a year in February/March, June/July, and October/November. If you are interested in hearing more about the next round starting, click the button below and fill out the form and/or check out our FAQ page.


Why is Equipped only for first time moms of babies 0-9 months?

We have found that the earliest stages of motherhood can be isolating as well as full of tons of questions and learning. We have designed Equipped to best serve the needs of this stage and it is not best suited for moms of older kids. We have also found that once babies are older, it is a lot harder for our mamas to hear the speakers and have meaningful discussion, as they are chasing around their little cutie!


Can I bring my baby?

Please do! This ministry is built to be a happy place for mama AND baby. We try our best to have an environment that is baby friendly - complete with bouncers, play mats, changing/nursing stations, etc. If it works out better for your baby to be with someone else during Equipped (or in childcare if you are taking off work to join us), that is great too! We would love to have you either way!

We also love to help mamas with their babies! We may ask to hold your baby for you so that you can eat, sit, and listen to the talks. It is completely your choice if you would rather keep baby with you, but know that we’d love to help! We will always stay nearby so that you can keep an eye on your little munchkin while you get a little time to relax!


What time does Equipped meet, and how long do the sessions run?

It may vary slightly per time, but Equipped typically meets in the mornings for about two hours. During that time we will eat breakfast, hear a speaker, and have small group discussion time.


My baby’s naptime falls right during Equipped meeting times. Is there any way my baby can nap while there?

Yes! We will work to accommodate anything you need! We will have crib/pack n play set up for you along with a baby monitor and anything else you want. Some of our moms have loved planning their baby’s naptime right during Equipped so that they can relax and enjoy time with friends while baby’s snoozing away!


I will go back to work before Equipped ends. Should I still come?

We would ideally like to have you for all seven sessions, but if that is not possible, we completely understand! Come as much as you can! We have had ladies work out with their employers to take off a little time to come to Equipped for any sessions when they are back at work, and they are always glad they did. It is a big transition, and we’d love you to get as much support and community as possible!

Based on my baby’s due date, I could attend two different sessions of Equipped. Which one should I do?

We have found that the women who get the most out of Equipped come after baby has been born, during the first few months. If you are able to come when baby is born, but before five months of age, do that! Coming when pregnant, though still beneficial, will not be as helpful as if you come after baby has been born.


Where is Equipped held?

It is held off St. Ann campus at a volunteer’s home. It is in Coppell, and we will send you the address as soon as you register!


$35 is a little too much for my family right now, is there any financial aid available?

We completely understand! Please let us know once you have registered and we will get it all figured out!


I have more than one child and/or my baby is older than 9 months. Can I still attend Equipped?

We work very hard to make Equipped cater specifically to first time moms of one young baby, so if you do not fit in that category, Equipped will probably not be best suited for your needs.

However, Equipped is just a program put on by the larger ministry, Mothers of Young Children! Check out the St Ann MYC page here for more information and to see how to register!


Registration is open for the fall session starting October 2nd right now! Click the link below to register!

If you have questions, please fill out the form below!