We belong to a parish that is alive in action and spirit thanks to our love for one another and our desire to follow the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Since our founding, the parishioners of St. Ann have built a thriving faith community full of Catholics from throughout the DFW metroplex.

Over the last 35 years, the community of St. Ann has grown from a small mission church to one of the largest parishes in the Diocese of Dallas. While the number of parishioners in the pews has changed, our mission has not: We bring people to Jesus, form disciples and send them to transform the world.

Today, we have more than 8,000 parish families and over 80 active ministries. Although we have available space, we are not using it to its full potential. Through these plans, we will finish 19,687 square feet of space and renovate 17,381 square feet.


Three years ago, we formed a building committee to identify the needs of our community and explore the renovation of the St. Ann Center. Through extensive strategic planning and discussions with ministry leaders and staff, the committee proposed an impressive plan to better serve parishioners today and in the future. This summer, we conducted a planning study to introduce the plans to the entire parish community.

After receiving positive study results, we elected to move forward with a capital campaign. The final plans will ensure we have the resources and space to serve parishioners in the pews and Catholics throughout DFW and beyond. This plan is more than building walls, it is about building hope for our future as a Catholic community. The foundation laid 35 years ago gives us hope for an even brighter future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this campaign benefit the entire St. Ann community?

We take pride in being a strong community, featuring parishioners of all ages and backgrounds. Maintaining this diversity requires us to better utilize available space and resources. This allows our various ministries and programs the room to gather to meet, discern and pray. Msgr. Broderick envisioned a flourishing St. Ann and had the foresight to purchase the property we now call the St. Ann Center. Currently it functions primarily for storage, but the extra space offers great potential. By better utilizing the remaining available space, our parish clergy and staff can better serve St. Ann parishioners and the Catholic community of Coppell.


How will we handle our storage needs after the renovation?

Since we are losing storage space, we must ask the ministries affected to consolidate, clear-out and inventory their materials or to use space in the renovated office. If needed, St. Ann will identify additional storage solutions elsewhere on campus. We will, however, provide designated storage in the renovated St. Ann Center for the Carnival, since it is the largest parish event. The Carnival storage space is accessible from the backside of the building or through the double doors in front. When the Carnival is not using the space, the front section will offer an additional meeting space for other ministries.


Why aren’t we remodeling the existing kitchens instead of building a new one?

We acknowledge the existing kitchens in the Assembly Room and Cenacle do not fully meet the needs of some ministries, so we explored including kitchen renovations in these plans. However, doing so would result in additional fees for the architect and contractors. As such, the Building Committee elected not include the renovation in these plans to save costs. Once the St. Ann Center renovation is complete, we will reassess the use of each kitchen and address necessary renovations.


How does the cost of this renovation compare to other capital improvements on campus?

The cost to complete the St. Ann Center renovation is $6.2 million which is comparable to similar projects in Coppell, and cheaper than constructing new. The initial renovation of the St. Ann Center—including the adoration chapel, Cenacle, meeting rooms and youth offices—was $5.1 million in 2007. Adjusted for inflation that would likely cost more than $6 million in today’s dollars. With this in mind, leadership determined it’s in our best interests to address renovations now. We will demonstrate the stewardship expected of us as a Catholic community and keep in mind that everything we have is a gift from God.


What is the timeline? How soon can we start?

Prior to conducting the planning study, we met with an architect and contractor to determine the cost of the proposed projects and received preliminary plans and renderings. Now, armed with feedback from the planning study, we are finalizing the plans for the project. Under the proposed timeline, construction would begin in early 2020, with completion expected in mid-2021. This 18-month construction phase would minimize interruptions to ongoing parish activities.


Why are we starting this campaign when some parishioners continue to fulfill pledges to the capital campaign for the Diocese of Dallas?

We are aware many parishioners made a commitment to the Our Faith, Our Future campaign. Some have fulfilled their commitment, but 176 families will continue their pledge through 2020. Parishioners wishing to make a gift to the parish campaign, but currently fulfilling other commitments, can delay their pledge payments or complete their gift over five years.


What happened to the money St. Ann raised during the diocesan campaign?

We are grateful to all of our parishioners who generously gave to the effort allowing us to pledge $6.2 million for the Our Faith, Our Future campaign. The majority of these donations will go back to the Diocese to support priestly formation, Catholic schools, the restoration of the cathedral and Catholic Charities. However, approximately $1.9 million will return to our parish to support this renovation campaign.


All campaign gifts will remain at St. Ann. The parish deposits campaign gifts into a restricted account, which can only be accessed for use as outlined by the campaign plans. These donations are legally protected from being accessed by the Diocese for any legal fees associated with priest abuse.


How does a campaign differ from regular offertory?

A gift or pledge to the Building Hope campaign is above and beyond regular stewardship. While we are asking each parish family to consider a sacrificial gift to the campaign, ongoing parish activities, ministries, outreach and administration depend on consistent and strong offertory collection.


How can I participate? Can I pledge over time?

Our campaign offers a wide range of gift opportunities to participate at all levels. You may choose a plan that provides you with both flexibility and time to complete the payment of your pledge. We encourage you to complete your pledge within three years, though you may elect to spread it over five years.


Is my pledge legally binding? Will it be confidential?

A pledge is a gift, one you consider meaningful. All we ask is that you do your best and advise us of any financial changes that will impact your pledge. We will keep pledges as confidential as possible. Only the people responsible for maintaining the records will have access to your pledge.


How was a pledge amount determined?

We used a number of factors for setting request amounts: giving history to the parish, past campaign support and the information shared in the planning study—if you participated. The gift request amount included in your letter is not an expectation, but an invitation. We encourage you to prayerfully consider your pledge and determine a gift amount that is sacrificial and meaningful to you. We are grateful for every gift, no matter the amount.


To what extent are campaign commitments tax deductible?

Gifts to the campaign are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The application of such laws varies with individual circumstances. Donors with specific questions regarding tax deductibility should contact their attorney or tax advisor.


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