Worldwide Marriage Encounter


The Weekend

The apostle Paul calls us to love our spouse, as ourselves and to nourish each other in our marriage. Learn ways to grow feed your relationship and bring more joy into your marriage by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend.

+ Why should we attend?

WWME provides an opportunity for married couples to explore their relationship together and find ways to make it stronger and more fulfilling, for a lifetime – blessings that spill over to their family, friends and parish community. Away from the distractions of everyday life, each couple has the time to focus on each other, and learn new ways of communicating more effectively in a private, positive atmosphere.

+ Who is the weekend for?

A WWME Weekend is for any married couple who wishes to grow closer to one another and learn tools to sustain that intimacy, beyond the weekend. If you’ve been married a short time, for many years, or something in between, every marriage deserves this weekend. Priests and religious are encouraged to attend to and also gain tools to better communicate and be more in relationship with those that God has called them to shepherd.

+ When and where are the “weekends”?

Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekends are held at either a hotel, retreat center or parish school in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and occur about 5-6 times a year. In 2019, they are April 12-14, June 7-9, July 19-21, September 13-15, and November 15-17.

+ How Do I apply and learn more?

Simply click on the contact button below with a request for more information and you will be responded to, right away.

After the Weekend

+ We’ve attended a weekend, what’s next?

After attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend, you are welcomed to attend a monthly “married couple’s group”. Belonging to a WWME Community through sharing groups is like having an extended family; people who genuinely care about you and your marriage. They are there to share your good times and walk with your during your troubled times. If you’ve attended a weekend in the past, locally or elsewhere, and would like to join or rejoin other St. Ann couples in a WWME sharing group, click on the contact button below and request information.



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