Supper Club

Thank you for your interest in Supper Club. Supper Club is one of the oldest, longest-running ministries at St. Ann. It is a neat opportunity to strengthen the bonds of our parish life and make some new friends.

+ What is a Supper Club?

Supper Club is a potluck dinner at a host’s home, where a group of people meet in an informal and relaxed setting. It’s great for newcomers and long-timers.

+ What’s the agenda?

The only agenda is to get to know one another better and share food and fellowship. There is no program – just dinner, hospitality, and conversation.

+ Who can participate?

All adults who attend St. Ann’s are invited to participate.

+ How does it work?

Everyone who has signed up will be assigned to a Supper Club of 6-8 other folks. The goal is for each group to get together several times over the following 4-6 months. Each time, one individual or family agrees to host the group in their home and provide a main dish. The other members of the group contribute the rest of the meal (salad, sides, dessert, etc.) The dinners continue until everyone has had a chance to host.

+ Who figures out when and where our supper club will gather?

Each round starts off with a Kickoff Dinner, at which the groups are announced. Bring your calendar - that’s when the scheduling begins. The group decides what dates and time work best.

+ Can my group go to a restaurant/get together more than once/do brunch instead of supper, etc?

Sure! Get creative. Just make sure the alternative plan works for the whole group.

+ What about kids?

Based on feedback from parents, we are currently limiting Supper Club to adults. The exception to this is if you are the host family; feel free to include your kids in the Supper Club on the evening you host.

+ When will the next round start?

There are usually two rounds a year, one in that starts in January/February, and a second that starts in the summer.