Small Group Studies

The Bible is packed with wise counsel about your financial life. Jesus said more about money and possessions than almost any other subject. Our small group bible studies teach you how to practically apply biblical principles and Catholic teachings in managing all your possessions.

These bible studies can transform your life and finances if you let the Holy Spirit work within you and you faithfully complete homework and practical exercises, memorize a scripture passage each session, and pray for others in your small group. Please make sure that you can commit at least 2 hours of work outside of class each session.

St. Ann's Core financial offering is "Navigating your Finances God's Way".  Small groups form in the Spring and the Fall. Classes are available in English & Spanish and are held over 9 sessions. Trained facilitators help guide the bible study and provide support for the practical financial exercises. You'll learn how to develop a financial plan to support your life purpose and goals - track your spending, prepare a spending plan, payoff consumer debt, save for major purchases, and invest with a purpose. All practical exercises are done at home and are completely confidential.

"Set Your House In Order" is a new financial class that is offered over 5 sessions with adequate time between each session to complete the homework.  This study is similiar in format but is more focussed on organizing your financial affairs.  Upon completion, you will have assembled an inventory of financial assets, accounts, estate documents, insurance, and funeral instructions for your loved ones. 

The cost of materials is $45 for a single or $55 per couple. You will be asked to make payment for these materials at the Orientation or when you pickup the materials.