Feed The Hungry

(Non-Parish Based Organization)

Feed the Hungry is a family ministry dedicated to helping those in need of food. There are two ways you can help. First is to donate food each month for the Food Drive. Non-perishable food items are always needed, especially protein based products such as peanut butter, tuna fish, beans etc. The Marrilac and Brady Catholic Charity Centers collect the food and redistribute to families or individuals who qualify for assistance. Other critical food items are flour and sugar, but any food items are always appreciated. The second way to help is to bring family, friends, or social groups you are involved to the 2nd Saturday Food Bank. Each 2nd Saturday of the month we meet by the basketball goals behind the clock tower at 8:00 a.m., depart at 8:15 a.m and return by noon. We volunteer our time and talent at the North Texas Food Bank and for every hour of each person that works, a credit is given to these 2 agencies to acquire more food to feed more families. Family members 10 years old and up are encouraged to volunteer. Please contact Jim Halepaska at 214-293-7560.