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Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend

  • The Atrium Hotel 4600 West Airport Freeway Irving, TX, 75062 United States (map)

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend

Is your marriage in a rut? Are you dividing and conquering?


Janine: Do you find yourself wondering, "What happened to us?!?!" At some point, we all do. We long for those days when we were dating and first married. We were full of passion for each other and so in love. Our lovemaking was frequent and passionate. It seemed we couldn't get enough of each other. How did we get to a place where we were rubbing together like sandpaper, each doing our own thing?

Janine: We found ourselves in a rut. We realized that we weren't talking like we used to. Our relationship had slipped to the bottom of our priorities, as the kids, jobs, and outside activities had taken over. It seemed like we were on opposite teams.

Ken: If this sounds familiar, we want to encourage you. This is a common part of the journey. Our relationship is not just about emotions. It's not just about sex. It's not just about having things in common. At our core, what we want and need is to feel loved and respected. We want to know the one we're committed to is committed to us.

Janine: We learned that communication really IS the most important thing in a relationship. When I learned how to express my feelings and to listen intentionally to Ken's feelings, we were able to connect on a deeper level. When I decided to be less selfish and to make an effort to love Ken (and to quit keeping score), I gradually noticed a change in our relationship - back to the loving, passionate relationship we had in the beginning.

Ken: If you miss the one you married, take a closer look - they're still there. Your relationship is still may just need to be nourished and loved back to life.

Attend a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend and learn how to nourish your marriage. We give our cars tuneups, why not our most valued relationship.

We have 6 weekends a year in the DFW area. Go to our link to apply or questions, email

May God continue to bless you and your marriage.

Ken and Janine

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