Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration(PEA) General Information & Guidelines

The Blessed Sacrament must never be left alone.
Each hour must be covered by 2 adoring prayer partners.


  • Please arrive five (5) minutes early to show courtesy to the prayer partners adoring before you who may need to leave on time.

  • Each time you adore, you must sign in upon arrival for your committed hour in the sign-in register and sign out when your hour concludes. This is how we know our Lord is being adored.

  • Check the sign-in binder before you leave to be certain the next two committed prayer partners are in the chapel.

  • If the prayer partners after your hour do not show up and you choose to be the substitute for the next hour, sign your name on the sign-in sheet as “substitute” after your name.


  • Genuflect upon entering the presence of the Lord. You are standing on Holy Ground.

  • Please respect the presence of our Lord. Turn off your cell phone and refrain from visiting.

  • If you have children, please do not bring any food inside the chapel. Do keep them occupied with books or some quiet activity. Should your child get anxious, please take him/her out so as not to disturb the other adorers.


  • Please remember to take off your hats; dress appropriately; don’t chew gum and; observe the same etiquette as if you were in Mass or in an important business meeting .

  • Nothing is to be placed on the altar

  • The Monstrance holding our Lord should not be touched.

  • Spiritual reading material provided for adorers must remain on the chapel bookshelf and must be approved by Father Henry Petter.


--You are the committed Prayer Partner and Guardian of the Eucharist at your hour. It is your responsibility to find someone to cover your hour when you can not be there.

Please follow these procedures:

A) Contact your committed prayer partners to let them know you will not be there and to be certain at least two of them will be there. Once you confirm that two will be there to adore, you are all set. If your hour does not have more than two committed adorers or you are not able to confirm that two committed adorers will be there, then you must find a substitute.

B) Resources to find a sub. include: the roster sub list (located on the last two pages in the roster); switching times with another adorer; posting your request on the adoration yahoo group or asking a friend or relative.

C) If you cannot secure a substitute after exhausting  the above resources, contact your Hour Leader. The Hour Leader is not your sub, only an emergency back-up.

D) If you are not successful with A,B,C, contact your Divisional Leader

E) When all else fails, contact the PEA Coordinator.

Important Note:
Should your hour be over and the next two committed adorers have not arrived, use the chapel phone to call them. Please Do Not leave our Lord until the next two committed adorers have arrived. The roster is near the emergency telephone in the chapel and in the sign-in book. If you can’t reach them, call their Hour Leader, then their Division Leader, then the Coordinators. 
It is very helpful to keep a copy of the Adoration roster in both your car and home

EMERGENCY PHONE—Dial 8 for an outside line.
The chapel phone is for the security of the Adoration Chapel prayer partners. If an emergency of a serious nature occurs, call 911.

PANIC BUTTONS— This will alert the police immediately and are to be used only if the hourly prayer partner has a true emergency or threat. The panic buttons are velcroed to the inside window pane of chapel.

SECURITY CODE— The code will be activated by 10pm each night (5pm Sat.) and deactivated by 6am each morning. Those who wish to adore during these hours that are not committed prayer partners, must obtain the code from the parish office the next business day. Prayer partners adoring during the door activation must use discretion and only open the door for adorers. If in doubt, do not open the door.

INCLEMENT WEATHER— If the Coppell schools close, the chapel will be temporarily closed. This is only during an extreme emergency (ice days or hurricane). The Parish office will notify the PEA Coordinator, who will post closings/openings on this PEA webpage. No calling needed unless you don't have internet access. We hope this will minimize confusion.