Volunteer Opportunities

We are all Magi —Bearing gifts to those less fortunate ~ 

/ \
Thank you
 for being the hand of Jesus this
Christmas - helping those in need 



Volunteer Needs

December 2013

Volunteer Needs

December 2013

Volunteer for Second Collection Weekend
December 7 - 8

Magi Gift Emergency Gift Receiving
December 9 12pm - 7pm
December 10 9am - 7pm

to bring Cookies

Volunteer for Shopping
December 11
9am - 3pm

Volunteer for Gift Sorting and Wrapping
December 12
11am -1pm

Ice Event Money Collection 
December 14-15
All Masses
Volunteer Needs

January 2013

Volunteer to help
take down the trees
January 4 
9am - 11:30am

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